The Cayuga Museum will feature a new artist this month in their year-long CNY Emerging Artist Project. The juried exhibit series features a new artist each month from March through to November and on Thursday, June 21, The Cayuga Museum will showcase the work of Syrian born artist, Nada Odeh.

Odeh was born and raised in Damascus, Syria and has lived in other Arabian countries such as Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and the United Arab Emirates where her art was inspired. Odeh expresses her past, the women and girls displaced by war, and the plight of middle eastern women who remain politically voiceless in her art. While the subject of her pieces can be tough, she tries to keep hope for the refugees in her work, she said.

Odeh’s interest in women and girls hails from her own experiences and her goals to showcase what many people often don’t see. “Seeing how people think about refugees, I wanted to showcase more about their lives and displacements and what it’s like to be displaced,” she said.  “Recently I started working more [with] Syrian displaced women because I think it’s very important for people to understand who Syrian women and girls are today and what they go through while being displaced,” she added.

Odeh received her Bachelor’s in fine arts at Damascus University and is currently a graduate student pursuing her Master’s in Museum Studies at Syracuse University.  She has exhibited her art in Damascus, Dubai, New York City, Detroit, Toledo, Tiffin and Washington D.C, and will be adding Cayuga to the list this Thursday.

The Cayuga Museum’s CNY Emerging Project kicks off their latest exhibit on Thursday June 21st from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Admission is free for Cayuga Museum members, and $5 for non-members. Refreshments will be served, along with live music from Paul Worden.

The schedule for all artists to be shown in the CNY Emerging Artist Project and more can be found online at For more information regarding Nada Odeh and her art, visit