Talking Sex With Kids

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It’s a conversation that’s been stigmatized forever, talking to kids about sex. However, health educators at ACR Health say the earlier you start talking to kids about the birds and bees the better.

Having conversations early about puberty and what to expect will set a solid foundation for talking about sex after puberty.

ACR Health Educator Annabelle Fears suggested talking to your child as early as they can understand, “it does not have to be a full length discussion about what sex is right away. There are teachable moments that come up whenever you can start having those conversations.”

If you still feel uncomfortable, ACR Health offers a comprehensive book list based on the multiple stages of development to help guide your conversations.

Another helpful tool the health organization offers is a traveling parent presentation. ACR health educator Shelby Cusson-LaRue said it is a good class for parents who don’t know where to start, “especially with people who come from a background where their parents maybe didn’t talk about it, maybe they never got the education.”

To learn more about how ACR Health can help you visit them online at You can also call them at (315) 475-2430 or send them a text at (315) 415-6041.

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