(WSYR-TV) — Iris St. Meran got the chance to talk with New York State dairy ambassadors previewing Dairy Day at the New York State Fair coming up on Thursday, Aug. 31.

Dairy Day celebrates the hard-working farmers of New York who work 365 days a year to produce fresh, high-quality milk.

As a dairy ambassador, the goal is to help kids and adults understand the important nutritional benefits of milk and dairy foods. Dairy ambassadors also want people to know how milk is responsibly produced and how dairy farmers care for their cows and protect the environment.

Dairy Day starts with the annual Dairy Day breakfast where judges recognize award-winning dairy products from processors from around the State and we will be there to hand out awards and play some dairy trivia with attendees.

Fairgoers can also visit the Dairy Cattle Barn and see different dairy cow breeds and talk to farmers about the tremendous care and comfort they provide to their cows at their “home away from home.”

Inside the Dairy Cattle Barn, there is also a great education section where Fairgoers can grab a seat and watch some informational videos about cow to cup and learn more about New York Farmers from American Dairy Association North Easts’ digital series ‘This American Dairy Farmer’ and ‘Chef Meets Farm.’

Learn more at americandairy.com.