Teal There’s a Cure fundraising events have been raising money and awareness for Ovarian Cancer since 2009.

The organization has raised more than $400,000 for Ovarian Cancer research. This summer, Teal There’s a Cure is continuing their Fourth of July traditions with fundraising events right here in CNY.

Co-Presidents Colleen Tickner-Crawford and Kelly Lundy talk about what the organization does for the greater community.

“We’ve given to Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance,” they explain, “but also we’ve been able in the past to give to Upstate research locally.” Teal There’s a Cure keeps money local while also reaching out to the greater community of Ovarian Cancer Research. Teal There’s a Cure also supports Grace’s Garden, a support group for women with cancer.

Because Ovarian Cancer is the fifth leading cancer death among people with ovaries, raising awareness for the disease is imperative. People with ovaries should talk to their doctor if they are experiencing bloating, feeling full quickly after eating, abdominal pain, or if they have a history of ovarian cancer in their family. Talking about Ovarian Cancer and becoming aware of the symptoms are the first steps in the progression of finding a cure.

The Teal There’s a Cure Fundraising Party is happening Saturday, June 25th from 4-8pm at the Local 315 Brewing Company at 3160 Warners Road. Tickets are $20 per person, and the entry fee includes a hotdog or cheeseburger and one craft beer. The event will also feature live music, drink specials, and raffles.

The 14th Annual Maureen T. O’Hara 5K Run/Walk is happening Monday, July 4th at 8am at Marcellus Park (2443 Platt Road). Early registration is $30/person, day-of Registration is $40/person, and virtual race registration is $35/person.

To learn more about both events, visit GracesGarden.org or find Teal There’s a Cure on Facebook @Teal.Theres.A.Cure .