(WSYR-TV) — Gary VanRiper started reading to his son Justin when he was just an infant. That started a love of books that continues even though Justin is now a dad.

In fact, when Justin hit the third grade, he and his dad started writing books and they’ve come out with an “Adirondack Kids” book for young readers every year since.

The book series was part-inspired by the family’s 113-year-old Adirondack camp and their love exploring the region.

To complete the family-affair wife and mom Carol provides illustrations for the books. And Justin’s son Levi has begun to write a series with his grandfather, Gary.

“Adirondack Kids” Day is the first Saturday in October at Arrowhead Park in the Village of Inlet, in the heart of the Adirondacks.

Find out more about the event and buy copies of the books at AdirondackKids.com.