Three years ago, Dr. Maria Murray came up with an idea that would go against the grain when it comes to learning to read.

An idea that began from her kitchen table, grew into a non-profit with a mission to educate the community using evidence based reading instruction. Today, The Reading League is thriving and celebrating their brand new location in Syracuse.

“The reading league was born out of frustration because myself and many others that I knew had been working alone in our individual context and that wasn’t having any impact,” Dr. Murray said.

In an effort to change that, Dr. Murray called her colleagues and together they harnessed their knowledge to help make a difference to end illiteracy in the Central New York community.

Their brand new space is located in Armory Square and provides space educator instruction, tutoring and includes a broadcast room for webinars, podcasts and virtual classrooms. Reading Coach Director Kelli Johnson says that the goal of the new space is to have a place to offer educators tools to help them in the classroom.

“The Reading League is teacher knowledge so we present the evidence to teachers so that they can make those decisions for themselves,” Johnsosn says.

The Reading League grand opening is Wednesday, September 18 from 3:30 to 5:30 at 103 Wyoming Street on the second floor. To learn more about them visit