(WSYR-TV) — The state’s historic theatres pump energy and excitement into the communities they serve. They also bring in much-needed revenue. Now, the Landmark Theatre is joining a coalition of a dozen other performing arts centers in an effort called “Alive Downtowns!”

Executive director of the Landmark Theatre, Mike Intaglietta, and the director of government affairs for “Alive Downtowns!” Denise Murphy McGraw share details on the mission.

Thirteen performing arts centers who serve millions of guests annually are seeking investment from the state as they collectively recover from the impacts of the pandemic.

In a statewide effort, the 13 downtown historic performing arts centers from Jamestown to Poughkeepsie have come together to form Alive Downtowns!

This coalition, having met virtually since the start of the pandemic, is seeking an ongoing $20 million in operating support from the state. Their goal is to encourage New York lawmakers to think of the Upstate historic theatres as they do zoos, aquariums, and public television statewide.

You can find more about the “Alive Downtowns!” effort and the theatres involved online at AFairGame.net. Just click on the “Alive Downtowns!” tab.