Memorial Day weekend means summer is right around the corner and whether you’re headed to the beach this weekend or maybe planning a party in your own backyard, Nutritionist Kelly Springer says you can indulge and be healthy too.

Hydration is key when it comes to any backyard barbecue especially when alcohol is on the menu. Kelly says there are many ways to stay hydrated and one delicious way that offers four tasty flavors too.

Sparkling Hop Water is crafted with bold hops and mood-boosting ingredients. Each of the four flavors also has ashwagandha which helps destress and unwind, Kelly says. Not only does it offer hydration benefits but Kellys adds that it can act as a mood booster too. Sparkling Hop Water can be found at Wegmans and online on Amazon or Thrive Market.

When it comes to food, Kelly says that keeping it simple can really help when it comes to staying healthy.

“Everyone loves a veggie tray… and it’s a great thing to bring to a party because everyone eats it because when it’s cut up and ready to go, it’s a favorite for many,” she says.

Berries and fruit are also a great option this time of year. “I cannot say enough about the benefits of berries. They are loaded with soluble fiber which will keep you full and they also help to boost up your mood and keep you hydrated so you can really enjoy this holiday season.”

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