Tips For Helping Kids Get Through Summer Amid A Pandemic

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Summer might be here, but with the COVID-19 pandemic continuing, Child and Family Psychologist Dr. Tanya Pellettiere has some advice for parents on how to best help their kids adapt.

“This was an unintended experiment four months ago” she says. “It’s been real interesting to observe which kids seemed to have thrived during this time and which kids are really just struggling.”

With the school year officially over and kids having more free time, Dr. Pellettiere says it’s important to continue some sort of routine. “But it doesn’t have to be busy, busy, busy, go, go, go. Part of the routine can be downtime.”

She adds it is also important to limit the amount of screen time kids get.

Connect with Dr. Pellettiere on Facebook at @TanyaPellettierePHD.

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