Tips For Parents When Having ‘The Talk’

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It’s always hard for parents to have “the talk” with their kids, but health educators from ACR Health are hoping they can help ease what can sometimes be an uncomfortable conversation.

“We’ve been talking about trying to give parents some tips on how to start those conversations; starting them at an early age,” says Shelby Cusson-LaRue, ACR health educator. “So when your young people are teenagers, and they are adolescents, it’s easier to use teachable moments.”

Educators believe that having a conversation about contraceptives, safe sex practices and the seriousness of sexually transmitted diseases can help not only educate teens but help them to understand exactly what they’re doing.

Having open conversations does not mean that teens will be encouraged to experiment either. In fact, Health Educator Chase Cramer says that it can often have the opposite effect.

“If you put it in a way where you are giving them the information, and putting trust in them, and you are explaining why it is important to know about contraceptives, and why it is important to protect yourself if they engage, they are less likely to do it,” says Cramer. “They know about the risks.”

Having an open line of communication is not only key but also helps teenagers feel less awkward when they do have questions. Sometimes, these conversations can be difficult to navigate and ACR Health can help. For more information call them at (315) 475-2430 or text (315)415-6041. You can also learn more online at

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