The pandemic has been extremely disruptive for everyone, especially kids. Now with Vaccines available to children ages five to 11, many parents are eager to sign up. But for kids themselves, getting the vaccine can also bring about a lot of anxiety. Dr. Mary Mason says this behavior is normal for children and there are a few things that every parent should consider.

“I like to always take the approach that knowledge is empowering, especially with medical concepts because those can be very scary for kids when they go to the doctors office,” she says.

So if your kids are already dreading their next check-up or upcoming vaccine appointment, Dr. Mason says to try some of these tips to help prepare them:

· Put a positive spin on the visit by reminding kids that doctors help them stay healthy and strong
· Let your child bring a favorite stuffed animal or toy to keep them company
· Familiarize your child with the tools your pediatricians use
· Praise your kids for a job well done at the doctor’s office

At Little Medical School, Dr. Mason has been teaching kids about complex medical concepts including vaccinations as a way to help them ease fears and understand the importance of the medical profession.

“What we like to do is break it down, tell them why it works and tell them why it’s important and what they’re doing as part of this whole health initiative by getting that vaccine,” she says.

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