Tips To Take Your Dog To Work From Sit Means Sit Dog Training

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Dogs are referred to as man’s best friend but sometimes taking them out of their normal environment can cause them to act out. Sit Means Sit Dog Training says that guiding your dog through some simple steps can help to keep them well behaved in any environment.

“The biggest thing when bringing your dog to work or anywhere really is that you have to be able to get their attention,” says Sit Means Sit Trainer Jessica Palmer. “Once you have their attention prioritized over anything else, you are able to get your own work done without worrying about having your little buddy causing any ruckuses.”

Jessica says that some key training tips include asserting your own command and teaching your dog to properly greet others. Having a dog that is comfortable on a leash can help make you and your dog at ease regardless of where you are.

“It’s more about correcting them and showing them the right way to do things, more so than disciplining them,” says Palmer.

If you would like to learn more about training your canine companion, be sure to visit Sit Means Sit Dog Training at 7730 Frontage Rd. in Cicero, or go to You can also reach them at (315) 437-DOGS.

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