(WSYR-TV) — Radios had only been on the air for about a year in Syracuse, and someone had to fix them. Jacob Rubenstein loved to figure out how things worked, and the radio repair shop he opened in 1923 is still going strong a century later.

Arnie Rubenstein is the chairman of the board of the family’s “united radio.” He’s passed the reins on to his son Phil and his daughter Mara Charlamb who is vice president of the company.

United Radio has six core values:
• We have a responsibility to each other to create a better community.
• All people have inherent value.
• Honesty and integrity will build lasting relationships.
• Family sustains, stabilizes, and defines us.
• Our differences make us stronger.
• Learning, growing, and accepting challenges enriches and fulfills our lives.

You can learn more about the company and its long, proud history at UnitedRadio.com. You can get a copy of the book “Jake’s Place” at the Onondaga Historical Association on Montgomery Street.