The Upstate Breast Care Center is helping Central New Yorkers with a wide range of breast conditions from cancer and genetic testing to fibrocystic disease. Dr. Mary Ellen Greco and Dr. Kristine Keeney stopped by Bridge Street to discuss the center on Upstate’s Community Campus and how it can help you or your loved ones.

Both Dr. Greco and Dr. Keeney are exclusively breast surgeons and the center is completely designed to handle any breast issue in an expedited and efficient manner. They will see any patient with a new cancer diagnosis within 48 hours or any new mass that has been discovered. They do biopsies right in the office and do them the same day to help ease anxiety a patient might be feeling.

The close proximity of the Wellspring Imaging Center is also a tool that the center has working to it’s advantage. There is ultrasound technology as well as 3D imaging that is truly the best way to screen for breast cancer and has become a game-changer in detection.

While breast cancer is still very much a threat that affects so many people, Dr. Greco does highlight how far technology has helped chances of survival. Detection and treatment have helped battle breast cancer and made it much more curable than ever before. It is no longer a death sentence and the trick is to beat breast cancer before it starts. The hashtag #examyourmams stresses the importance of doing a self check once a month so that if there is a problem, it’s caught early. Never hesitate to get something checked that seems not normal.

The Upstate Breast Care Center is located on Upstate’s Community Campus at 4900 Broad Road in Syracuse. It is in the Physicians Office Building South in  Suite 1D. Their phone number is (315) 492-5660 and you can find more information on them online at