Upstate Urology Talks Bladder & Pelvic Floor Issues And How They Can Help

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At least 50 percent of women who suffer from urinary incontinence suffer in silence but experts say that they don’t have to.

Dr. Natasha Ginzburg and Doctor Elizabeth Ferry hail from Upstate Urology and while they say that pregnancy can be a major factor in developing urinary incontinence, it’s not necessarily always the case.

“Definitely childbirth is a big risk factor for incontinence, but even women who’ve never had babies could have bladder leakage,” says Dr. Ginzburg. “We know that 30 percent of women who’ve never had babies will have the same problem,” she adds.

It’s a common problem and because most women don’t want to talk about it, both Dr. Ginzburg and Dr. Ferry say that women often just live with it and stop doing the things they enjoy. Talking about the issue with a professional is an important way for women to understand what’s happening and learn more about the treatment options that are available to them.

Dr. Ferry adds that with the proper treatment, the problem can be corrected.

“Treatments can be as non-invasive as things like physical therapy to help tone those famous Kegel muscles,” she says. “And sometimes there’s different medications that can be offered, and sometimes depending on the person and how motivated they are, there are surgical options,” she adds.

And despite common misconceptions that are out there, sometimes your own genetics can have more to do with it, than anything else, Dr. Ginzburg adds.

“There is probably some genetic component that makes some people more likely to have incontinent,” she says. “So I usually tell people, don’t worry and don’t stop doing the things you enjoy so that you can enjoy the things that you love.”

One advantage of the Upstate Urology Center is their close working relationship with pelvic floor physical therapists who can help patients. While they encourage women to exercise their pelvic muscles, they also strongly suggest that patients who are suffering to make an appointment with their office.

To make an appointment, call (315) 464-1500 or visit them online at

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