Children of all ages love to celebrate Valentine’s Day and if you’re looking to get your kiddos involved in making special notes for their classmates, these ‘DIY’ options, are quick and easy.

Candy Robots

  • What you’ll need:
  • Starburst
  • Eye-shaped candies
  • Card-sized boxes of sweethearts
  • Smarties
  • A hot-glue gun

Hot glue two Starburst candies on the top of a sweethearts box. These will be the eyes.

Glue one eyeball candy on each Starburst.

Glue two starbursts on the bottom of the box for the feet.

Glue one smarties roll on each side of the box for arms.

“Ad-Doh-able” Valentines

Small play-doh tubs are quick and easy. Simply print out the cards and attach a Play-Doh tub to each card and decorate.

Online printouts:

Valentine You “Rock”

What you’ll need:

A stamp set

Clothes pins or string

Online printouts:

Poprocks Candy

Print out a set of Valentine’s cards and let your little one make it their own with a simple stamp. Use a clothes pin or string to tie the valentine to the candy.