If you are looking to volunteer this Spring, North Area Meals on Wheels hopes you will consider giving them some of your time.

“Since COVID began, we’ve seen a very large influx in clients and you would think that that would have gone down as COVID got better, but it actually stayed up” says the organization’s Executive Director, Jennifer Covert. “We’ve identified and found many areas where people needed meals and they still do. So, this is a great time, a better time than most times to look for more volunteers because with more clients we need more help.”

And so, North Area Meals on Wheels has launched their March for Meals campaign to help recruit new volunteers.

Covert says they have many different areas volunteers can work in and it all depends on what you like to do.

“You could either deliver meals, so you could be a delivery driver and that commitment is maybe an hour and a half during lunchtime where you’re delivering to maybe 8 to 10 different locations the meals” she says. “And then you could also go in the kitchen and if you like to be in the kitchen and cook or you just scoop the food and there’s a lot of different areas in the kitchen. That’s also just maybe a couple hours in the morning.”

Covert says North Area Meals on Wheels is also looking for substitute volunteers. These people help fill the gap when regularly scheduled volunteers are off or out sick.

“Meals on Wheels is here to help people who need us” Covert adds. “And then along those same lines, we do need volunteers to help us fulfill our mission because we actually have almost 300 volunteers and only 11 employees. So, it shows you just exactly how important it is for us to have volunteers here to help us out.”

North Area Meals on Wheels is headquartered in North Syracuse. To learn more about volunteering, click here to visit their website or call them at 315-452-1402.