(WSYR-TV) — Friends from Western Reserve Distillers near Cleveland are back in the Bridge Street kitchen making fresh organic cocktails. They are Ohio’s only organic craft distillery.

The owners, Ann and Kevin Thomas, are both from Central New York.

Kevin explains that the spirits’ organic qualities start from the very beginning of processing. He says that the seeds they use are non genetically modified, and are planted on organically certified land. Everything is derived organically, down to the products they use to clean their equipment.

Western Reserve Distillers would like to be known as the nation’s premiere organic craft distiller. There are very few organic craft distillers in the country due to the extra steps it takes to become an organic distiller.

Both Ann and Kevin agree that by producing their products organically, they are leaving the world “a little bit better” than how it has been left to them.

For recipes and more information about the distillery, you can visit WesternReserveDistillers.com.