(WSYR-TV) — For many years, people weren’t always the biggest fans of gutters. They didn’t want them because they didn’t like how badly they stuck out. Now, however, gutters have really come a long way both in terms of looks and functionality.

If water is leaking down the front of the house, or pooling where it shouldn’t, you may want to make an investment. Roger Westcott is the sales manager at Barry Best Seamless Gutters, and he has answers that’ll leave your house looking great.

Seamless gutters are gutters made of aluminum. They are all one piece; they’re not split up into different sections. With seamless gutters, there are no seams and no leaks.

Roger says gutters should be on the list of most important things to invest in when keeping your home protected. Barry Best Seamless Gutters makes the gutters right there on-site, so the products they bring to your home are customized and made to be a great fit for your living space. The gutters can even be painted to match the color of your house.

Barry Best Seamless Gutters tests water on the gutters as they hang them, making sure the gutters are level and can get the job done right.

Roger also says that fall is a good time to get your gutters replaced before the winter season begins.

For more information, visit BarryBest.com.