(WSYR-TV) — With yesterday’s heavy rains, you may have already seen the first of the autumn leaves start to fall.

This may not be the best news if you have to keep your gutters cleaned out.

It was first invented in 1981- all the others are imitators. Gutter Helmet is a full aluminum panel shield product that completely covers the gutter and keeps leaves and debris out. That way, you don’t have to keep cleaning your gutters. In fact, it’s guaranteed you’ll never have to clean them again if you get a gutter helmet.

Gutter helmets can only be installed by certified installers who are employed by an authorized dealer. This is not something that can be purchased and then installed by you, your contractor, or roofer.

Roger Westcott of Barry Best Seamless Gutters says to make sure you go directly to GutterHelmet.com to get the proper services for your gutter helmet. Then, you can say goodbye to cleaning.

For more information, you can also visit BarryBest.com.