(WSYR-TV) — It can be difficult to file a claim for disability insurance. Luckily, Peter Antonowicz of The Antonowicz Group offers his expert advice on increasing your chances of winning a claim. 

Peter says to start preparing to win a case, it is important to first be sure that you’re communicating properly with your doctors. Making sure your doctors understand the scope of your symptoms and limitations ensures clear communication from the start.

It is also important to make sure you are regularly going to a doctor in the first place. When you visit your doctor, it is helpful to give them a written report of your symptoms and experiences. 

Peter’s job is not only to help you win your case; it’s also to gather the records from your doctors and communicate with them about your symptoms and limitations. If you communicate with specificity, it makes Peter’s job even easier and gives you a better shot at winning your case.

To make sure you’re maintaining specificity when describing your symptoms, Peter recommends keeping a diary of experiences with limitations throughout the day. Doing this a few times every week is key to understanding the progression of your symptoms and their timelines. This will also help you prepare to testify. 

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