(WSYR-TV) — The nationally-known author and special Oz guest during this year’s celebration John Fricke chats about the Oz-Stravaganza starting this Friday located in Chittenango.

The 46th annual festival takes place in the birthplace of L. Frank Baum, the author who birthed the magical world of the Wizard of Oz. Since 1978, the homeland of Baum has celebrated his wonderful work.

Fricke is the Oz-Stravaganza Grand Marshal this year where it is anticipated he’ll converse with attendees about Dorothy actress Judy Garland and multiple books he has written about the film and those involved.

The Oz-Stravaganza starts Friday and goes through Sunday at 219 Genesee Street in Chittenango. There are amusement park rides, auctions, guest speakers, costume contests, fireworks, and of course, the parade on Saturday. For more info and a complete schedule of events, head to oz-stravaganza.com.