(WSYR-TV) — It’s been 84 years since Judy Garland and friends took us down the Yellow Brick Road to meet “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.”

And believe it or not, some of the youngest cast members are still around today.

Betty Ann Bruno was one of them as a 7-year-old living in California. She is in Central New York this weekend for the Oz-Stravaganza in Chittenango. She sat down with Tim and Erik to talk about the experience and what it is like to still be making appearances over 80 years later.

The Oz-Stravaganza starts Friday and goes through Sunday at 219 Genesee Street in Chittenango. There are amusement park rides, auctions, guest speakers, costume contests, fireworks, and of course, the parade on Saturday.

For more info and a complete schedule of events, head to oz-stravaganza.com.