DETROIT (WIVB) – Detroit’s Ford Field wasn’t expecting to host a football game this weekend. But after a snowstorm dumped several feet of snow on Western New York, plans changed.

On Friday, Ford Field was set up for a black tie fundraiser called the Hob Nobble Gobble – a carnival to raise money for next year‘s Thanksgiving parade.

The Lions planned the event around the team being on the road. Well, surprise! The Bills are ‘hosting’ the Browns here Sunday. The stadium’s team will have 48 hours to turn the facility back into a football field.

“The biggest thing was, I knew we can get it done, we’ve done this before. And to be honest, we look forward to the challenge,” said Todd Argust, Senior VP of Facilities at Ford Field.

“Usually, we’ll get the word from the NFL that they’re considering us, so and we can start in our mind thinking through what we need to get done and making checklist. And once the word comes out we start reaching out to the people to order food, book staff, reach out to get people to work all the positions that need to support an NFL game. Obviously, with what we have on the field, make preparations to convert so were prepared for the game on Sunday.”

Argust said he’s sure the Bills would return the favor if needed.

“The NFL is like a little bit of fraternity, we all try to help each other out,” he said. “If we’re ever in a situation where the Lions can’t play here, I’m sure the Bills would love to host us in Buffalo.”