BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — The Broome County District Attorney making his first comments about Saturday’s attack at a Buffalo Tops store, saying he wants to set the record straight regarding an investigation into the suspected gunman, due to “an abundance of false information.”

Michael Korchak says a student at Susquehanna Valley High School, who graduated in late June of 2021, was the subject of an investigation.

ABC News has confirmed, along with the Associated Press has confirmed that student was 18-year-old Payton Gendron.

Korchak says in early June of 2021, in an online class, the student made disturbing comments regarding murder/suicide.

According to Korchak, the school followed protocol and contacted the New York State Police. He says based on the information he has, no direct threat was made to the school or any student and there was no mention of guns.

Korchak says State Police responded to the student’s home and transported him to a local hospital for evaluation. He was evaluated and released.

The student returned to school and participated in graduation without any issues, according to Korchak.

“From the information provided to this office, the Susquehanna Valley Central School District and the New York State Police followed the procedures and protocols that were in place at that time. I am certain that members of the New York State legislature will review the facts and circumstances of this case and propose appropriate changes as necessary, regarding mental health and background checks when purchasing firearms.”


Korchak also offering his condolences to the victim’s families and the people of Buffalo.

Korchak says he has reached out to the Erie County District Attorney, John Flynn, to offer his office’s assistance in criminal prosecution.