(WSYR-TV) — The pain is still fresh and the investigation into the mass shooting at a Buffalo Tops is ongoing. So why would anyone else want to cause the same harm?
John cohen is a senior expert on global threats.

“Some of the underlying factors are this, we’re an angry country,” said John Cohen who is an ABC News Contributor and Senior Expert on Global Threats for the Argonne National Laboratory. “We’re very polarized and increasing number of people believe that violence is an acceptable way to express your discontent with government.”

A day after the tops shooting, police arrested Joseph Chowaniec, 52. He’s accused of calling a Buffalo pizzeria and a brewery, making threats and referencing what happened at the supermarket. Not mincing words, Erie County District Attorney John Flynn warned, if you’re thinking about doing something like this, think again.

“You are going to get arrested, then I am going to prosecute you. So, let this case send a message out there to any tough guy or anyone who wants to be cute other there and sending messages or threatening anyone, or threatening to do anyone or putting anything on social media, I will find you and I will arrest you and I will prosecute you.”

John Flynn, Erie County District Attorney

Understandably, many fearful this could happen again and may even be nervous to go to the grocery store. Cohen has this advice.

“Don’t be afraid. Go out and live your life, but be aware. Be aware of your surroundings. If you see something, that is suspicious or unusual pick up the phone and call the police, let them figure it out,” Cohen said.

Flynn said Chowaniec is charged with making a terroristic threat faces seven years behind bars, if convicted.