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MotorGospel Ministries Anti-Street-Racing Campaign Returns to the Big Screen With Dean Cain and Braeden Sorbo

Latest Production "Success Camp" Features Multiple Subplots Offering Hope and Resources to Troubled Teens -- And Their Parents

GRANADA HILLS, CA, USA, January 25, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- MotorGospel Ministries is pleased to announce the release of our latest production Success Camp.

Produced in cooperation with JCFilms and featured charity the Parent Help Center, Success Camp follows the stories of troubled teens from varied backgrounds AND their troubled parents brought together by a common need for an objective outside opinion.

The overarching theme of Success Camp is that sometimes the best way to help troubled teens is to teach their parents how to be parents. The Parent Help Center should know. They have been healing that which is broken since their founding in 2002 with their unique approach of requiring both the teenagers and their parents to attend the camp.

As some readers may be aware, JCFilms offers faith-based charities such as MotorGospel Ministries and the Parent Help Center access to high-caliber actors such as Cain and Sorbo to help further their charitable causes through powerfully-acted dramas.

Success Camp is no exception; some would say the epic tension between Cain as the judge and Sorbo as the street racer rivals that of Rod Steiger and Sidney Poitier in the original "In The Heat of the Night".

In one subplot, Judge Connors throws the book at smug, entitled street racer Michael Adams, sentencing Adams AND his mom to attend Success Camp. Adams actually thrives in an evironment with leadership that he can respect and accordingly the judge rewards him with an introduction to Aaron Schwartzbart (in a cameo playing himself) who gives Adams the opportunity to race for MotorGospel Ministries.

An award-winning rocket scientist with degrees in physics and theology, Schwartzbart is a five-time champion race car driver and an ordained minister. As president and pastor of MotorGospel Ministries, Schwartzbart works with the Los Angeles Police Department, LA City Council and the courts to get young offenders sentenced to community service at race tracks throughout SoCal where they get a taste of real speed.

Success Camp premieres Friday, 1/27/23 at Parkwood Baptist Church, 7900 Lone Star Road, Jacksonville, Florida 32211 and will be available thereafter on several popular platforms.

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