Syracuse University is hosting their 7th annual Veterans Advocacy Law and Outreach Day, aslo known as VALOR Day, on Saturday, Septmber 23.  The event is organized by SU’s College of Law to provide veterans with legal aid and support. 

Yelena Duterte, director of the College of Law’s Veterans Legal Clinic explained that “Veterans don’t have the opportunity to meet with a lawyer for free, and this is the one time that they can come to campus to discuss the issues that they are facing.”

Started by students who saw the need for legal aid for veterans, VALOR Day aims to provide a variety of free services to Veterans, service men and women and their families.

Law student Matthew Wallace explained that some veterans need assistance with basic things like obtaining health benefits through discharge upgrades where legal aid can help. VALOR Day “gives them [veterans] an opportunity to meet with lawyers who not only understand their service history, but also have the experience to help them solve those issues,” added Wallace.

The event will take place on Saturday from 9am – 1pm in Dineen Hall on the Syracuse University campus. For more information, call (315) 828-5001.