An Attitude of Gratitude in 2018


A new year often brings different goals to do better, eat healthier and find new resolutions, but sometimes the best way to achieve success can be with a simple thank you. For women, sometimes, taking that extra step back can be hard, but experts say that starting with a simple thank you may get you off on the right food this new year.

Psychotherapist Nicole Christina says research has shown that acts of gratitude, like counting your blessings or showing appreciation and helping others can result in more happiness. Nicole also suggests that rather than jumping on the latest diet trend, that women over 50 will likely find more success in a more well rounded approach.

And while extreme dieting and intense exercise can produce fast results, they can also be harmful to the body and don’t have the same longevity. Having a daily gratitude practice however, can change someone’s mindset and in turn create a domino effect for a positive lifestyle.

Nicole teaches classes catering to this topic as well as other topics on living your best life and achieving your goals. To learn more about the work she does, visit her online as

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