Vietnamese restaurant owners serve up a taste of home: Asian Americans Standing Strong

Asian Americans Standing Strong

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — May is Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month and every week, NewsChannel 9 will be introducing you to members of the AAPI community.

This week on “Asian Americans Standing Strong,” NewsChannel 9 is featuring the Trang family, owners of New Century Vietnamese Restaurant in Syracuse.

In 2000, opening New Century symbolized a fresh start for the Trang family. Since then, the family has been serving authentic Vietnamese cuisine to anyone who walks through the door.

“It was the beginning of a new century,” — Annie Trang

Annie Trang’s parents, Thoi and Duyen, and Uncle Leon own the restaurant. She was just one-year- old when they opened their family business.

“My family is originally from Vietnam. My dad migrated here in 1985 after the war. They started to get into the restaurant industry. It was the easiest way to make money,” Annie explained.

While growing up at the restaurant, Annie watched her parents and uncle work tirelessly to get New Century to where it is today.

Every Vietnamese dish at New Century is served with a lot of thought and flavor. It was Annie’s late aunt, Mah Hai, who helped create the menu, featuring more than 100 home-style dishes.

“We range from different noodle styles to obviously Pho, which is super popular for our customers. We have a lot of rice dishes. We also have vegan dishes and then we have an abundance of desserts,” Annie said. “She just created these amazing dishes that we wanted to share with everyone, and she did as well.”

“We always hope when people eat it, they feel warm and comfortable,” — Annie Trang

The Trangs hope to give every customer a taste of their home. Whether you’re eating stir fried noodles, a rice dish or a big bowl of Pho, this family wants you to savor every bite.

For people who are newly here to try Vietnamese cuisine, we definitely hope that they have a slice of what Vietnam is like. For immigrants who are coming here to have a taste of home, we’re hoping to bring back that nostalgia for them, to enjoy their time here, to try new things that they may not have had, or just to have a piece of home that they’re missing.

Annie Trang, Daughter

The Trang family prides themselves in having New Century be a space for everyone, including a place of employment for refugees and members of the New American community.

“They feel like it’s a really great opportunity for others as well. It’s a way for us to give back to the community that gave us so much,” Annie explained. “From the culture, to the clothing, the food, I think it all ties it together how we feel about our customers, how we feel about our family and everyone around us.”

The Trangs are ready to share their heritage with you. Click here to learn more about New Century restaurant.

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