Brady Faith Center Offers Music Lessons To Those Who Want To Learn


Giving the opportunity to those who want to learn an instrument, The Brady Faith Center is connecting them with local musicians for free lessons. “Seeds For The Arts provides that spotlight for people to develop their talent.” says Emily Nisco-Frank, program director for the center. “There’s so many talents in the southwest side of Syracuse and the whole city that we need to remember to bring that spotlight to.”

For Zakeem Rutledge, a rapper and director, the program has helped him develop his music. “It made me a stronger musician.” He is now teaching kids to play guitar and piano.

Barrack Mutarataza is originally from Congo. “I can hear how music goes but I don’t know how to read it.” says Mutarataza. He is learning to read and compose music at the Brady Faith Center and attending classes for voice recording technology in school. 

“I’m learning as much from them as they are learning from me.” says Jason Kessler, who volunteers to teach music at the center. As a jazz guitarist with classical roots, Kessler is teaching students music concepts and composing. The students bring their tremendous ear and creativity to the project. 

There is a benefit concert on Thursday, January 31st at Saint Lucy’s Church in Syracuse located at 432 Gifford Street. The concert starts at 6:30pm. A $10 donation is encouraged. For more information visit

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