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Brian Miller Reviews Two Family Favorite Films

Movie guy Brian Miller returns to talk about about two kid-friendly releases now available on demand and in stores. The “Incredibles 2” and “Christopher Robin”, are just a few of Walt Disney Company's films to be released this year as part of their 90th anniversary spectacular.

“Incredibles 2” was highly rated when it hit theaters in June. The sequal to the famed first film returned after a 10 year hiatus. This time though, the story took an interesting turn, with Elastagril, played by Helen Hunt taking on the leading role and saving the world. The film reverses gender roles inside the home and explores what Bob goes through as Mr. Incredible and stay-at-home dad all at the same time.

Miller said the film is equally as entertaining as the original and the story line is even more engaging and relevant to the times. “The quality of the movie is just as good as you'd want” he said, “Simply beautiful.”

Disney's "Christopher Robin" turns the animated tale of Winnie-the-Pooh into real-life characters and Christopher Robin as a working-class family man.  And while the film is geared primarily to younger family audiences, filmmakers did a great job in engaging all viewers, Miller said. “Winnie-the-Pooh mostly entertains children, but they found a way to bridge two gaps,” he added. And the creations of the pooh characters are icing on the cake, adding to the adorable tale, making it all the more likable from start to finish.

Both titles are available on the internet and on-demand


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