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Lafayette Apple Festival Returns For Another Year

Prize winning pie maker shares her secrets

The Lafayette Apple Festival once again returns to Central New York drawing thousands as part of their annual apple experience.

The event brings together artisans, crafters, fun games for the kids and food for the whole family too. One highlight of the event is the apple pie making contest, with people sharing their recipes and competing as part of the annual event.

Award-winning apple pie maker, Pam Brunet has been part of the festival for years, she said. Her recipe hails from her mother-in-law Sally who was an expert pie maker herself, Brunet added.

"Lafayette is all about celebrating the apple and so this past weekend I was in the orchard and I picked some of my favorites to make my kind of pie," she added.

Her biggest trick in terms of making a tasty pie crust is keeping your hands away from the dough. "Your hands are warm and you don't want to touch it," she said. "So you want to do the least amount of touching when it comes to working on the dough."

Pam attributes her award winning recipe to her mother-in-law who gifted the recipe to her for Christmas one year. Over time, Pat learned to make her famous pie and is now part of the annual festival as a way to celebrate living in Lafayette and all that apple country has to offer, she said.

The Lafayette Apple Festival runs on Saturday and Sunday October 6 and 7th starting at 9am. The festival takes place on Route 20 in Lafayette. Admission is $5 per person and children 12 and under are free.


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