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New Blood Pressure Guidelines Released

How You Can Lower Your Blood Pressure and Avoid Hypertension

The American Heart Association is rolling out a new high in diagnosing blood pressure. The change comes from years of old readings and complications related to hypertension that studies have shown can start as early has a 130/80 blood pressure metric.

So what exactly does this mean? Cardiologist Dr.Michael Fischi says that by lowering the threshold, the diagnosis can then capture more people and start focusing on prevention through lifestyle management. The new measure is simply a way to help people take preventative measures before it's too late.

Healthy eating, exercise and reducing daily sodium intakes along with consuming less alcohol can lower your blood pressure. These are just a few ways that patients can take action and take control of their health.

The new guidelines will not only help patients better understand their health but they can also help prevent heart attack and risk of stroke. Dr. Fischi says that these new changes are meant to be a positive change in the right direction to encourage people to get ahead of their health.

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