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Orange Central Weekend at SU

Beginning October 18, Syracuse University will celebrate an annual tradition bringing together students, faculty, staff and alumni back to campus. The homecoming and reunion all rolled into one,  features dozens of activities from lectures and panel discussion to campus tours, performances and social and athletic events.

Homecoming weekend is an opportunity for alumni to reminisce and reconnect and also interact with students and staff, Chris Velardi said. "We're so ready to welcome alumni back to campus," he added.

Velardi, who is from the office of Alumni Engagement, says there are plenty of activities to take part in from a reunion cocktail party to an ice cream social, tailgate and more. The events are part of the big weekend but they also speak to the big picture of the school spirit and 'Orange Pride' that exists beyond the university campus.

"There's just something special about it," Velardi said. "You just feel like you're part of something that won't just be with you for four years but will be with you your whole life."

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