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US Army Celebrates 244th Birthday

This year the US army celebrates its 244th birthday since being founded in 1775. To celebrate its birthday, each of the six companies in the Syracuse Army Recruiting Battalion are doing different things to educate people on the benefits of joining the Army.

"We teach people different skills, and if you want to go college, we will pay for college," said First Lieutenant Dominick-Jae Bailey. ‘We do tuition reimbursement, we allow people to try something new and do something different, just experience a different concept of the world," he added.

Lieutenant Bailey, who was born Kingston, Jamaica, appreciated the people he met in the army and the experiences he has created.

"I've been able to travel to 15 different countries, try different food, and just meet exceptional people" said Bailey

Sergeant Christopher Ambrust, said the army has also afforded him the ability to do so much.

"... I met my wife because of the Army. It has provided me the opportunity to go college and to get my degree, and also travel the world," he said.

Statistics show that 50 percent of young people don't know much about the Army. And Lieutenant Bailey believes most people, when thinking of the Army, think of it has a combative force. He believes most people don't see behind the scenes.

"It's just like college, you only talk about the partying, you don't think about from day one to graduation, you were really in school, you were really engulfed in the career you want to be in," he added.

To learn more about how learn more about the United States Army, visit the local Army Recruiting Office's Facebook page at


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