Calculating Stroke Risk and Prevention


May is American Stroke Month. There are several things you should know about both the dangers of having a stroke and how to cut down your risk of experiencing one.

Eighty percent of strokes are preventable and it all starts with making healthy choices. Kristy Smorol explains that strokes are similar to heart disease in how preventable they are. “What’s good for your heart is good for your brain,” Smorol said. “A healthy lifestyle can protect your heart and can protect your brain as well.”

Because strokes are so preventable, Dr. Satish Krishnamurthy advises that “it is partly your responsibility not to have a stroke.” While some factors contributing to a stroke are permanent (such as gender and genes), others like diet and physical activity are under your control.

“Part of it is also monitoring,” Dr. Krishnamurthy said. “Just because you’re at risk, it’s not hopeless.”

To provide a visual of how at risk some people may be to stroke, Sistina and TeNesha grabbed 10 balloons and popped one each time a factor was applicable to them. For example, both hosts popped a balloon for women being more at risk.

Being vigilant about what you eat and your activity levels can reduce your risk of a stroke. To learn more, you can visit the American Stroke Association’s website at

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