SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — From now until the end of June, NewsChannel 9 is highlighting Central New York students graduating at the top of their class. Our first senior being recognized is Anjana Allay, the valedictorian at the Institute of Technology at Syracuse Central (ITC) High School.

Anjana Allay moved to America only five years ago. Her high school journey hasn’t been an easy one.

Celebrate the Class of 2022

“I came from Nepal, and I was 13-years-old when I came here. It was 2017,” says Anjana Allay, senior and valedictorian of her class at ITC High School.

Allay was still learning English and didn’t know anyone outside of her family, so she threw herself into school. Another curve ball came Allay’s way in her junior year — the pandemic. This forced Allay and her classmates to learn remotely for months.

“We finally came back to a normal school, high school and I also went to OCC while I was in high school, so it was tough,” says Allay.

As part of the Smart Scholars Early College Program, Allay was able to take college courses while also earning her high school diploma.

Allay added, “In the morning I go to OCC, I take one or two classes and then I come back here, and then take classes here and then I go home.”

Allay spent much of her senior year applying to colleges, but where the next four years would take her was open-ended. She knew nursing would be her major though, no matter what.

“Since I was young I was really good at science and math and I love helping people,” says Allay.

Staying close to her family was a priority, but so was having the college experience. When Le Moyne College came knocking, Allay said yes, accepting a full ride for her first year. She will walk the stage at ITC in a few weeks, collecting a diploma she has worked so hard for.

She will also share a message with her classmates.

“Coming this far, like graduating this year, I think we all have made our parents proud and we should be proud of that too,” says Allay.

Allay hopes to become a pediatric nurse and a traveling nurse. We have no doubt that she will!

Congratulations to Anjana Allay and the ITC Class of 2022!