Dan Abrams’ New Book “Theodore Roosevelt for the Defense”


After coauthors Dan Abrams and David Fisher unearthed President Lincoln’s only recorded trial he had argued in their compelling first boo “Lincoln’s Last Trial,” the duo decided to look for another long-since-forgotten trial in which a former president participated. What they found hits close to home, literally, in the libel case against Theodore Roosevelt that had happened here in Syracuse in the year 1915.

“From a Syracuse perspective,” emphasizes Abrams, “Theodore Roosevelt upended his life and moved to Syracuse for six weeks to defend himself in this trial.” Apparently the trial consumed his life for those eight weeks, so much so that he would even cancel weekend visits home.

Every major newspaper was running this story. And this isn’t by virtue of Teddy’s fame alone; the case itself was no small potato, to be sure. “It’s a transcript…of almost 4,000 pages,” says Onondaga Historical Association Exec. Director Gregg Tripoli.

To learn more about this really fascinating case, be sure to pick up a copy of Abrams’ and Fisher’s “Theodore Roosevelt for the Defense” at booksellers near you.

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