DeClutter your Digital World With Deb Cabral


Getting rid of the clutter in our lives can be a challenge but clearing out our digital lives can be just as daunting. DeClutter Coach Deb Cabral says getting organized starts not just a home or at work but digitally too.

Deb says that there are many ways that we accumulate electronic ‘stuff’ and there are also many ways to get rid of it. When it comes to cleaning our cellphones, Deb suggests starting with old messages. Deleting old messages can free up a lot of space within your phone.

Photos can be one of the main culprits of digital clutter. To clear some of your photo space, you can delete duplicated photos, photos of products, or photos you no longer need or want. This is also true for apps you no longer need or use often.

It is also a good idea to look through old documents and assess whether they will be referenced in the future. If not, then it’s probably a good idea to delete them, Deb said.

“Filing, whether it’s paper or digital, is for retrieval, not storage,” says Cabral. “If you’re never going to use it, then you don’t need to save it.”

Eliminating desktop icons can also help your computer clutter and simply organizing and deleting icons can be just what you need.

“When your desktop is clear, it’s easy to be able to manage what you have,” she says.

The same applies for old internet bookmarks, favorites, and contacts. If you have more than one contact for the same person’s mobile and home numbers, a good tip is to combine the numbers into one contacts.

Deb has been helping others clean out and organize their things for over twenty years. She works with individuals, families, and companies to increase motivation and break the cycle of disorganization. Cabral offers a variety of different types of services including home organizing, photo organizing, motivational speaking, and more.

You can catch Deb Cabral on Organization Motivation! on News Channel 9 Sundays at 5:30am as well as on Mondays at 1:30pm on MeTV. You can also visit her online at


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