Central New York is no stranger to the growing farm to fork movement aimed at creating sustainable local-based food communities. With the idea to connect chefs, farmers and consumers, owner of Farm To Fork 101, Mark Pawliw, decided to host a series of events to bring all three together. 

The events include dinner cooked by local chefs, using locally-sourced ingredients. Farmers providing the ingredients are also invited, giving the consumers the opportunity to engage with both the chefs and the farmers. 

Attendees learn where the ingredients come from, who they are coming from, how to source them and how to cook them. “there’s a lot of people intimidated by local ingredients because they’ve never worked with it, never seen it, never used it.” says Mark Pawliw. He recommends the Regional Market as a great place to find local ingredients. 

Participants also receive recipes for them to try at home. 

There are several Farm To Fork 101 events happening around the community. For more information on events and restaurants visit FarmToFork101.com.