MKTO to Perform at Hot 107.9 Birthday Concert


American pop duo Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller, also known as MKTO will celebrate Hot 107.9’s birthday bash this weekend at Sharkey’s Barn & Grill in Liverpool.

MKTO, meaning “miss fit kids and total outcasts” was created to represent there lives of being outcasts and different from there counterparts because of their involvements in acting and singing.

Malcolm, most known from his appearances in the popular TV show “Lost”, expressed his love for television and singing.

“It all falls under the same umbrella of entertainment from me, so kind of when the music lane opened up, it was something I jumped into and was something I always wanted to do.” said Kelly.

The band is also excited for the release of their new song called “Shoulda Known Better”.

The song displays the troubles of drinking and drunk dialing. Tony Oller, now sober for two and half years, says the song is relatable, and he’s excited to release it to the public.

“For us it’s always just been fun,” said Oller. “ If it’s not fun there really no point to do it.”

The band continues to have fun and will be performing a long with other artists at the Hot 107.9 birthday concert at Sharkey’s Bar & Grill. Doors open at 6pm for all ages. For more information go to

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