SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) – Our latest remarkable woman has done some truly incredible things in her life.

While we were glued to our televisions watching the horror of 9/11, Maureen Casey watched first-hand from her office building in One Police Plaza.

Then, she ran toward the collapsing towers to help set up a command post.

Within days, she was tasked to set up a system to identify the remains of the thousands of victims. To many, this was a huge task. But it was familiar territory to her.

While at the New York City Police Department, Maureen Casey discovered a way to clear the backlog of nearly 17000 rape kits, bringing long-awaited justice to sexual assault survivors.

It changed the way this entire country looked at the backlog of crime evidence-there were rape kits they weren’t just sitting in freezers in New York City- they were sitting in freezers across the county-there were thousands of rape kits and other evidence, After our experience in New York City, the federal government created grant programs to fund the analysis of this evidence

Maureen Casey

Maureen’s work ethic is something she attributes to growing up on a dairy farm in Hudson Falls. The work on the farm was hard and the days were long. She carried that work ethic to a position at J.P. Morgan Chase.

Then Maureen moved on to Syracuse University to be the COO of the D’Aniello Institute for Veterans and Military Families. There, she helps veterans and families thrive post-service, empowering men and women who’ve served after taking off the nation’s uniform.

Says Casey, “There’s nothing more impactful or validating about what you do than when someone comes up to you and says that our programs changed their lives.”