(WSYR-TV) — All through the month of March, NewsChannel 9 is celebrating the Remarkable Women of Central New York.

One of the remarkable women is Jennifer Hoyt.

Jennifer is a champion equestrian and has found coaching is what she loves doing every day.

Growing up in a small rural town just south of Rochester, Jennifer’s love for horses developed at an early age.

She eventually ended up moving back to New York where she met her husband Tom. Tom rides Western.

Together they started up a business at their home in Manlius, training everyone how to ride.

Jennifer says “This is a sport pretty much anybody can do, whether you ride or not…It is something that everybody can do and the para part of it, is even more so.”

As a visionary and advocate, Jennifer has made tremendous strides to help the sport of equestrian become more inclusive.

She has paved the way for people with physical impairments to enjoy the sport.

One of the things that I really do well is to read people and read horses. So, I can read a person if they’re nervous, if they’re scared…I can help them build their confidence, find their way out of that package that they’re in.

I’ve found ways to say things that they understand. So telling Cole to sit back doesn’t always resonate with him, but tell him “Cole, sit on you pockets. There you go” and he sits back. Okay? So, trial and error and this is one of the things I try and do with all of my lessons, with all of my coaching, is to find ways to communicate to people that they understand and that they can relate to.

Jennifer Hoyt, Champion Equestrian Rider and Coach

This style of coaching and training is one of the qualities that makes Jennifer and accomplished

Jennifer adds, “It’s the passion…I have a passion. I have, over the course of the years, learned to take that passion and give it away, give it to anybody who wants to experience the equestrian world.”