SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR) — Green Hills Farms is your neighborhood grocery store. One neighbor you would often see in the aisles there is Rod Wood.

“He’d be here about every day,” said General Manager Bud Kennedy. “He used to come before he’d go to second shift on the news, pick up stuff. I understand he made sandwiches for everybody, and picked up cookies and donuts. He was a great guy, a good customer.”

Bud Kennedy has worked at Green Hills for 60 years so he had the chance to get to know Rod over the years. He shared some of Rod’s favorites.

When it came to cookies, Kennedy said Rod liked the cranberry orange ones. Which were actually created by one of the employees.

Rod also had some special requests.

“He had one favorite thing that we always laughed about. Every Thanksgiving he wanted a 35 pound turkey. Nobody gets a 35 pound turkey because 10 pounds of it is bone. But he had to have one, so we always ordered him one special,” Kennedy said.

Just a mile up the road, the intersection at South Salina Street and West Seneca Turnpike was named Rod Wood Way in 2014. It meant a lot to the man who called the valley home.