Teaching Empathy Early


Young children learn early on how important it is for their own needs to be met. Experts say that their need to be taken care of is one of the most important priorities they learn. Bust as kids grow and develop psychologists say it’s crucial for parents to prepare their children to develop important characteristics that can benefit them and others in different ways.

Clinical Psychologist Tanya Gesek says that empathy can be taught at a very young age and it starts right at home with everyday tasks. Gesek says there are some key ways that parents can start teaching their children to be more generous.

Some of her tips include,

Encourage Empathy: It’s all about asking questions to establish a good sense of communication, Dr. Gesek said. Questions like “How do you think that made me feel?” can help put things in perspective of others to them.

Praise Generous Deeds: Any nice gesture should not go unnoticed when it comes to young children. It is important to reward and honor good behavior like sharing toys, giving a compliment or simple chores which will most likely be repeated.

Setting Examples: Children learn by example especially from their parents. By doing good deeds it can lead to them eventually repeating the action.

Spending quality time with family can also make an impact on children’s empathy. Family activities like volunteering at charities and helping out with chores around the house can help create a foundation of good behavior.

To learn more about Dr. Gesek you can find her on Facebook by searching TanyaGesekPHD.

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