SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — WSYR radio has produced a Central New York soundtrack for a very long time.  And each memory has a voice. 

Early on, there was teenager Chester Babcock, who became songwriting legend Jimmy Van Heusen.

For years, the station had its own Orchestra, supporting local talent on shows like Jim Deline and the Gang.

WSYR has always delivered news and information.  Reporter Bill Rothrum came to work just before one of the biggest stories of the 20th Century. The still remembered Collins Block Fire in Syracuse in 1939.

During World War Two, they say you could walk the length of Salina Street in Syracuse during the noon hour and listen from storefront to storefront as “Vadeboncoeur views the news.” blared from radios.

For many years, the day started with a farm report and a hymn, first from Deacon Doubleday, and later Don Dauer.

For later risers, it was the Timekeeper’s job to get the day started with a smile,

Many of these memories come from a 40th-anniversary broadcast, produced in 1962 by Bill Everett and engineer Gary Hartman, celebrating a generation of familiar voices.

As time passed, the names changed.  Doug Logan.  Rick Gary.  Bill Baker.  Jim Reith.  Joe Galuski. 

And you can still hear the legendary broadcaster Curly Vadeboncouer in the dedication to public service he championed when he led for decades.