(WSYR-TV) — The Syracuse University Office of Alumni Engagement is charged with keeping SU grads involved with their alma mater. But for a lot of people, “Alumni Engagement” takes on a much deeper meaning.

Sarah and Sean Fee met as freshmen at SU. It all started in the dining hall.

You didn’t have texting, so you just had to meet up at the dining hall and you had to be there and show up and meet your friends. So, that’s kind of how it happened. And especially as a freshman, you always travel in packs, just trying to make friends.

Sarah Fee

They weren’t really an item until after they graduated, though. And yet, like a lot of SU couples, they started marking milestones by campus time.

“We graduated in 2003, so we graduated national champs,” Sarah said.

“Yep,” Sean responded. “It’s Carmello’s year.”

When Sean went into the Air Force, Sarah stayed in touch. She sent cookies, they talked every day and, before they knew it, they were in love.

They knew immediately where they wanted to get married: Hendricks Chapel, right in the middle of campus.

It’s a place where lives are linked together through love. And that has been what Hendricks Chapel is all about since its creation in 1930 is how can people have their lives linked together in love.

Hendricks Chapel Dean Brian Konkol

To mark Hendricks Chapel 90th anniversary, the university invited couples to renew their vows this weekend during a virtual ceremony.

It was Sean’s Valentine to his bride, 10 and a half years and two kids after the wedding.

We watch the games as family. We watch basketball games. We watch football games. She knows to say ‘Go SU,’ and that was the first thing we taught my son, too.

Sarah Fee

Deep in their souls, they’ve found a truth thousands of SU couples before them have known.

“It’s just the nucleus of so many aspects of our lives,” said Sean. Sarah agreed with him.

If you would like to register to do your vows at the Hendricks Chapel virtually, click here. They will be accepting registrations all the way up until this Sunday at 5 p.m.

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