CENTRAL SQUARE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Chloe Burian is just in seventh grade. And she’s already representing Central Square on the varsity winter guard.

I like to perform in front of everybody and show off my skills.

Chloe Burian

What’s more remarkable is her story. She was diagnosed at three years old with Marfan’s syndrome, which affects the tissues that connect and support the body. There’s no known cure, yet.

She’s had eight surgeries in her short life, with the likelihood of more to come. But she handles it all with grace.

Chloe’s been honored twice at the Heart Walk. And while she’s pretty humble, she believes strongly in sharing her story.

It’s important because I need to help other people through what they’re going through, too.

Chlore Burian

Chloe never takes the easy way out. In fact, the coach had to convince her that it’s ok to take a break when you get tired.

Chloe says, “I tried to do what other people did but I realized I couldn’t really do it without getting tired easily. So I just figured out that I needed to take a break a lot.”

Going to school makes her tired. So being able to participate in winter guard makes my heart smile and you’ll see here, she just lights up out there.

Audrey Burian, Chloe’s mom

Much of Chloe’s care has come at Boston Children’s Hospital. She’s a favorite of her care team there. And she’s pretty fond of them, too. Enough that it’s helping to shape her dreams.

I would like to get into a really good school and maybe into a medical program or business or something.

Chloe Burian

For now, she’s focused on the seventh grade. And this season’s winter guard competitions.