Tell Me Something Good: Home game for filmmakers

Tell Me Something Good

(WSYR-TV) — “When I was a kid, all I could think about was hockey.”

That line comes from the new film Odd Man Rush. But, in a way, it also comes from Grant and Todd Slater, the filmmakers who, as kids, chased their dreams in the same Central New York ice rinks where they shot the film.

“It was very familiar to us, so the setting was authentic,” said Todd. “And it’s where we grew up, not only playing hockey but we had a lot of friends back there who were eager to get involved in this production.”

The Slaters’ dad was Colgate coaching legend Terry Slater, who instilled in them a love of the game and the region. When they had to decide whether to spend the money to travel to Sweden, where the film is set, or find a stand-in location, they came home.

“I thought the landscape, I thought that worked, as buddies from Sweden that have cover have said, there is a lot of similarities in the winter to the landscape,” said Grant. “So, it made sense, in that regard too because we felt that we could accomplish what we wanted here.”

They could also, once again, support their hometown. They’ve hosted a summer film festival in and around Colgate for more than 10 years.

And they used more than 20 college interns on the shoot.

“You know, in the film business, it’s kind of a team, and so we’re always looking to kind of build the right team and produce something that we’re proud of at the end of the day,” said Todd.

Odd Man Rush was such a positive experience that Slater Brothers Entertainment had planned to shoot two more films here this spring.

The pandemic ultimately put those plans on hold. But, they still want to be a big part of CNY’s growing film industry.

“Now, they have a great infrastructure,” Todd said. “The crews and the people associated with the film business are top notch, so it opened our eyes quite a bit once that started developing, to come back there more.”

Odd Man Rush comes to video-on-demand, Amazon Prime, iTunes and other platforms on Sept. 1.

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